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 drinking water - treatment - disinfection - waste water - legionella protection - swimming pool - hotel shower

  drinking water treatment - disinfection legionella protection

ecologically - biologically - not poisonous



AQUA2LIVE S + MOBILE + AQUA2LIVE MED for medical uses

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ECA-technology and how it works


AQUA2LIVE successful testet against SARS! Bird flu

good news for poultry farmers



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From January 2017, you will find this web site with new address: www.aqua2live.net

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The Netherlands


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Fresh and healthy drinking water with AQUA-4LIVE


-       fresh and healthy drinking water-

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Cooling towers, Disinfection, Sterilization, drinking water disinfection purification, Aqua-4live, Swimming pool disinfection,
Drinking water purification, Biofilm, Biocides, Infection control, Decontamination of surface water,

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Mots-clés anglais / English Keywords

Virus ; Phage ; Leviviridae ; Levivirus ; Bacteria ; Enterobacteriaceae ; Water quality ; Water pollution ; Chlorine ; Phage MS2 ; Escherichia coli ; By product ; Disinfection ; Aqueous electrolysis ; Drinking water treatment ; Physicochemical purification ; Electrochemical treatment ; Bird flue virus H5N1

Mots-clés français / French Keywords

Virus ; Bactériophage ; Leviviridae ; Levivirus ; Bactérie ; Enterobacteriaceae ; Qualité eau ; Pollution eau ; Chlore ; Bactériophage MS2 ; Escherichia coli ; Sous produit ; Désinfection ; Electrolyse aqueuse ; Traitement eau potable ; Epuration physicochimique ; Traitement électrochimique ; H5N1

Mots-clés espagnols / Spanish Keywords

Virus ; Phage ; Leviviridae ; Levivirus ; Bacteria ; Enterobacteriaceae ; Calidad agua ; Contaminación agua ; Cloro ; Phage MS2 ; Escherichia coli ; Subproducto ; Desinfección ; Electrolisis acuosa ; Tratamiento agua potable ; Depuración fisicoquímica ; Tratamiento electroquímico ;H5N1


Mots-clés allemagne / Deutsche Keywords

Virus ; Phage ; Leviviridae ; Levivirus ; Bakterien ; Enterobacteriaceae ; Wasser Qualität ; Wasser Verkeimung ; Chlor ; Phage MS2 ; Escherichia coli ; Produktanwendungen ; Desinfektion ; Aqueous Elektrolyse ; Diaphragmalyse; Trinkwasser Aufbereitung ; Physochemische Reinigung ; Elektrochemische Desinfektion ; Vogelgrippe Virus H5N1

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